About Me

I am a labor leader, activist, podcaster, writer and storyteller based in Minnesota. In my day job, I am the president of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 26, which unites close to 7,000 property service workers in the Twin Cities metro area. As president, I lead the organizing, legislative and political activities of the local union representing Minnesota’s union janitors and private security guards. I also do a good amount of work as a political strategist and appear regularly on local political talk shows as a progressive commentator.

Local 26 is focused on negotiating member contracts, uniting new members, and developing new leaders. In the past five years, as a result of three public contract campaigns, Local 26 won affordable healthcare for janitors and security officers, along with dramatic wage increases. In addition, the local has participated in national campaigns, including traveling to Houston in 2006 to support 5,000 newly united janitors. In Houston, I was arrested with SEIU members and leaders and spent 37 hours in jail after engaging in an act of civil disobedience; although the mounted Houston police met the protest with violence it ultimately led to a first janitorial contract in Houston.

As a leader in the immigrant rights movement, I’ve stood up to Republican attacks on immigrants in the state, publishing Opinion Page editorials in the statewide newspaper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune. In 2008, I was honored to receive the Progressive States Network’s 2008 Progressive Leaders Award for State Legislative Immigration Campaigns.

I am also active in electoral politics, having played a critical role in the elections of the first Muslim elected to the US Congress, Keith Ellison, as well as the first Latina elected to the Minnesota State Senate. I am a regular political commentator on public broadcasting’s political talk show “Almanac” as well as ABC’s local affiliate Sunday morning show, “At Issue” [I have now quite the roster of political commentators on At Issue, in protest of #pointergate). and a contributor to Fox9 evening news. I have also been an occasional panelist on Minnesota Public Radio’s “The Daily Circuit.” In 2011, I was appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to serve on the Minnesota Legislature’s Sunset Advisory Commission, and in 2012 I was elected by the Democratic Farmer Labor Party to serve a four-year term representing Minnesota on the Democratic National Committee. In 2013 the DFL honored me with the Paul Wellstone Lifetime Commitment to Labor Award. I was and remain overwhelmed to receive an award named after a personal hero. (I also hope the Lifetime Commitment doesn’t mean 43 is the new 70).

I am the creator and co-host of the “Wrong About Everything” weekly podcast, a fun, irreverent, and bipartisan look at Minnesota and national politics. Every week, we dish up political analysis from people who disagree on just about everything but still manage to get along. You can find us on iTunes here.

Since 2013, I have been active in the Twin Cities storytelling scene, featured on a Moth Mainstage production in November 2013, winning two Moth Story Slams and competing in the 2014 Grand Slam Tournament.  My story “Handcuffed in Houston” was part of a Minnesota Fringe Festival show called “Louder than Words: Tales of Extreme Action,” selected by Vita.mn as one of the “Top 10 Fringe Newbies” of 2014. In my 2015 Fringe show “Pam+Javi=Forever” I joined forces with local storyteller and filmmaker Pam Colby, My 2016 Fringe solo show, “Broken English, Mother Tongue,” was well received by critics and audiences alike. It was awarded an encore performance.

My upcoming 2017 Fringe solo show is called “A Resister’s Handbook (for holding onto optimism in Shitty Times.” In this show I will bring together my organizing and artistic worlds. The show will be stories of joy and pain in the work of social justice.

In what now seems like a past life, I was previously a historian and anthropologist, teaching courses in Latin American History, Comparative Colonial Cultures, and Globalization at Carleton and Macalester Colleges. I was a Fulbright Scholar back when my ambition was to be an academic, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Yale University. I live on the West Side of St. Paul with my partner and best friend John, our dog Diego and cats Nacho, Stevie, and Raheem.

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