About this blog

I spend enough time reading and thinking about news and politics, that I decided to try my hand at blogging.  The views here are my own, but I obviously draw on my experience as an organizer and political/policy wonk.  I intend to write the occasional essay and regular updates about random issues of the day that draw my attention – sometimes from a Democratic perspective but always, I hope, from a progressive one.

About the name: A funny thing happens often when I’m on TV representing a progressive viewpoint. The Right Wing Twitterati like to call me a “bully” or a “thug,” name-calling I find more trite than insulting (seriously guys, update your invective!)  Given that I’ve never quite seem myself as the picture of a schoolyard thug–and, in fact, fled them–I joke with friends that I always want to reply, “Dude, I am wearing pastels.”

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