Can’t Make This Sh*t Up: Mall of America and MIA Hawk Iron(y)-Free Clothing!

8 Jul

Amity Foster, one of the #BlackLivesMatter protesters being prosecuted by the City Attorney of The Mall of America, er, Bloomington, pointed us on Facebook to a cutting edge artistic collaboration between the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the MOA:

In Irony We Trust

In Irony We Trust

You too can have a Limited Edition T-shirt made by contemporary artist Jenny Holzer. Among those to choose from:

This lovely T will go perfectly with an a-line skirt for your next courtroom appearance in front of City Attorney Sandra Johnson:



Or, if you may prefer, try this little number, which we like to call the Jordan Kushner look – in honor of the attorney arguing in court that the millions of taxpayer dollars spent on the Mall of America, as well as the hand-in-glove coordination between the City Attorney of Bloomington and the MOA, should mean this “private” mall should be considered “quasi-governmental” property:

Especially designed for Jordan Kushner, Esq.!

Especially designed for Jordan Kushner, Esq.!

The new designs are super sleek, relaxed cotton that won’t wrinkle! They’re Iron- and Irony-Free!

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