Minnesotans for Marriage: Nazi Reference Out of Context, “His Point Was Absolutely Correct”

24 Oct

If you caught any of the local news last night, you likely saw Minnesotans for Marriage tying themselves up into some very unnatural positions.

M4M Twisted into Many Unnatural Positions Explaining Pastor Brandon’s Forbidden Love for Inappropriate Metaphors.

Knot One. M4M can’t seem to explain how, on the one hand, in the words of campaigns spokeswoman Autumn Levya, “we were not aware that he was drawing the comparison that he did” while simultaneously acknowledging that Pastor Brandon made the inflammatory presentation – powerpoint and all! – at multiple campaign events with senior staff present, sometimes introducing the Lover of Metaphors, and sometimes following him — but never denouncing him.

Spokeswoman for M4M: “His Point Was Absolutely Correct”

Knot two. M4M can’t distance themselves from the Pastor too much: From the Fox Report:

A spokeswoman for Minnesota for Marriage said the reference was taken out of context or misunderstood, explaining that Brandon was trying to say that critics of gay marriage could be silenced if the amendment fails.

“He’s apologized and he’s apologized on behalf of the campaign. His point was absolutely correct; he was just using a poor analogy and an incorrect choice of words to make his religious liberties point,” Autumn Leva said. “He’s been instructed to no longer compare the loss of religious freedoms to Hitler and Nazi Germany.”

Got that? The video shows the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors challenging Pastor Brandon, him fighting back, and M4M calls it all a “poor analogy and an incorrect choice of words.”

Poor M4M.  The  Unbearable Victimhood of Vote Yes is such a heavy burden, they just can’t help themselves. As I’ve discussed before, even though they’re the ones asking Minnesota voters to privilege their scriptural readings in our secular Constitution, even though their argument rests on the offensive declaration that only families with a mother and a father are real families, and even though they can call their opponents all atheists and now Nazis — they’re the victims here!

Knot Three.  What to do with the Good Reverend, Pastor Brandon?  M4M claims the Pastor has “publicly” apologized for his comments but the WCCO report says “they can’t provide a recording or any proof of that.”

None of the television reports were able to reach Pastor Brandon for comment.

You’d think M4M could have helped with that.  He is, after all – despite all of this, amazingly–still their employee.


You can see full reports on Fox 9,  on Kare 11, and on WCCO.

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