“Minnesotans for Marriage” and The Unbearable Victimhood of Vote Yes

21 Sep

After writing about Minnesotans for Marriage’s (1) calling Vote No Supporters Atheists and then (2) declaring themselves victims, I came across a story about lawn signs of Vote No supporters being vandalized in Bloomington.

One of the homeowners whose sign was vandalized said, “I know there are good folks on the other side of this issue.  And it’s unfortunate that a few wreck it for them.”

Vote No Sign in Bloomington (Photo by CBS)

Asked for comment, the Kate Brickman of Minnesotans United for All Families said, “Whether you’re supporting the amendment or opposing the amendment, we should really make sure we’re engaging in respectful conversations and not resort to any actions like this.”

Nice, right?  We might disagree, but let’s respect each other.

So what did the other side say?  Chuck Darrell — the same M4M spokesman who declared Vote No supporters godless heathens, said: “Hopefully the signs are the least of our causalities out there.”

Seriously, Chuck? Casualties?  First, you call run-of-the-mill voter outreach “stalking,” and now you’re suggesting — what?  That our side wants to kill you?

People get called Drama Queens for less.

“Victims” at M4M Dump on All Kinds of Families

M4M is now repeating the mantra that a family is “a mom and a dad and a child. All the Arcbhishop’s Men tell us:

“In civil society, marriage’s essential public purpose is about providing kids with what they need — both a mom and a dad. Marriage is a reality that unites a man and a woman and any children born from their union. While there are many types of loving relationships, marriage is more.”

Got that, single parents?  Got that, people who marry later in life, or who decide not to have children?  Got that, people who would love children but are physically unable? Got that, people who adopt children?  Your marriages are less.

But careful pointing that out to our friends at Minnesotans for Meddling in Other People’s Marriages.  They’re allowed to judge you.  They put this harmful amendment on the ballot. They are judging not just gay people but anyone in any family that doesn’t look like Leave it to Beaver. But they’re allowed to do that.

Because they’re the real victims here.


A friend shared this fundraising letter he received from the Bishop of Winona, the Most Reverend John M. Quinn.  His letter states “Marriage is unique and is unlike any other relationship or friendship, because it is from the union of a husband and a wife, come children.”

His Excellency raises money by judging your marriage.

Your marriage may be less if you do not have children, but at least know that your godless union does serve a purpose: The Most Reverend John Quinn can raise a little money off of his judgement of you.

One Response to ““Minnesotans for Marriage” and The Unbearable Victimhood of Vote Yes”

  1. Shannon Drury September 21, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    Oh absolutely! They can dish it out but they can’t take it. Pathetic….

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