Dispatches from the War on Betty: Future Consumers Don’t Care to Limit the Freedom to Marry

27 Jun

With this morning’s news we learn that 70% of Minnesota college students oppose the amendment to limit the freedom to marry.  And, as the governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff tweets, “In other news, they also like beer.”

This comes on the heels of Minnesota (for Meddling in Other People’s) Marriage(s) lackluster start to its campaign to “Dump General Mills.” Although they claimed that “hundreds” attended their protest, every press account so far puts the number much lower – “about 50” or “dozens.”

Doughboy Thug.

Maybe people just aren’t as angry at General Mills as the folks over at MfM. Or maybe, as Sally Jo Sorensen points out in “Dispatches from the War on Betty: real and fake food fights highlight legislative failure,”  there are real issues like, say, hunger, that people are dealing with. “More than 50” showed up to protest because:

They want it known: The Rice County Social Services system isn’t delivering services, and families are paying the price.

“Just recently I had a family fight over food,” said Dan Dimick, a family therapist and psychologist who works all over Rice County

I was reminded last night that, as a young kid living on a military base in Texas where my parents were stationed, my favorite toy in the world was a Pillsbury Doughboy. I wanted to be a baker, and I carried that little guy around with me everywhere.

A few years ago, at a gift shop in Michigan, I found a 1971 version of the Pillsbury Doughboy doll.  I like to tell myself it’s the same one I lost around that year.

Thanks for the memories, General Mills.  And thanks for standing up to those who want to limit the freedom to marry.


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